December 5, 2019 Benicia Lions Club Meeting Notes

Present: Marty, Brian, Jim, Chris, Paul B, Mike, Kiwi, Michelle, Amy, Marianne 

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 P.M. with pledge, prayer and song

Christmas Open House Event

Jim motioned to cancel due to bad weather and lack of planning time. Marty seconded the

motion, motion approved. We will plan ahead next year.

Treasurer’s Report

Admin Account $1119.00

Charity Account $6676.37

These numbers do not yet reflect the sale of Crab Feed tickets.

Secretary Report:

November meeting minutes approved. New vests and membership packets are here.

Some donation letters were returned. Amy and Kiwi will update the address labels.

Christmas Party

The Benicia Lions Club Christmas Party will be at Lion Amy’s house on Sunday, December

22nd at 5:00. 344 East L Street. The party will be potluck style and BYOB. Amy will make a

vegetarian lasagna. We could use a couple of appetizers, bread, salad and dessert. Please let

Amy know what you would like to contribute. We will also have a white elephant gift exchange.

This means you should wrap an item you already have that you are willing to part with. Funny

gifts are always welcome! Spouses or significant others are also welcome.

Crab Feed Update

● We currently have reservations for approximately 55 seats out of the 275 we have


● Chris will advertise on Benicia Happenings (Marty to send Chris band photo)

● Adrean will make Marty an admin on Facebook so he can advertise the Mixed Nuts

● Live music should give us a leg-up from other crab feeds

● We will put up posters right after Christmas (right now the town is saturated with them)

● We have approximately 7 raffle items that have been donated

● Adrean to send everyone updated donation request letter with tax i.d. Number

● Brian, Marty, Chris, Amy and Mike will help put up banners on 12/15 at 10:00 A.M. We

will meet at the Starbucks in the Southampton shopping center

● “Rangers” (boy scouts) will be helping at the crab feed to serve and clean

● Food will be served “family style” bread, salad, rigatoni marinara and crab

● Fire Department requires someone to be in the kitchen at all times. Marty will take A.M.

shift, perhaps an adventure crew member (older boy scout) can help with the afternoon?

● We will need to feed the band and scouts between 5:00 -6:00 P.M.

● We will sell bags of leftover crab at the end of the night. People can purchase directly

from the kitchen window (no table service) to streamline the process

● We will need to have 2 meetings in January - Jan. 1st and Jan. 16th . Amy reserved

Round Table for the 16th

● Can the boy scouts come to January 1st meeting for planning purposes?

● January 16th meeting will be a “bagging party.” where we put together napkins and


Other Items:

● If you have not paid for your turkey for the CAC dinner please do so.

● $100 dues will be due in January. Bring checks payable to Benicia Lions Club

● Risa has done a fantastic job on the website! Please help her by logging in to the

“members only” area - where you can find meeting minutes!

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