Lion Fun Facts

  1. What year was the first convention of Lions Clubs International held?                        

                               a)  1912

                               b)  1917

                               c)  1922

   2. Circle the statistic that comes closest to 2016 figures(latest known) of Lions Clubs International.

                              a)  29,000 clubs with 1,100,000 members in over 130 countries and geographical areas.

                              b)  39,000 clubs with 1,200,000 members in over 165 countries and geographical areas.

                              c)  46,000 clubs with 1,400,000 members in over 200 countries and geographical areas.


   3. The LION magazine, which first appeared in 1918, is now printed in how many languages?

                              a)  11

                              b)  15 

                              c)  20

   4.  A Lion may transfer to any club in the world providing the new club accepts him or her

​                               a)  True

                               b)  False

    5.  Since a club follows the principles of the association and the international constitution, it may not adopt its own club             constitution to suit its particular requirements.

                               a)  True

                               b)  False

     6.  What is the major international service commitment of Lions?

                               a) . Sight First 

                               b)   Youth Exchange 

                               c)   Lions-Quest


     7.  A majority of districts are composed of a minimum of 35 clubs with a total of

         1,250 members.

                               a)  True

                               b)  False

      8.  In which country was the first club formed outside of the United States?

                               a)​  Mexico 

                               b)  Canada

                               c)  England

      9.  A multiple district is:

​                                a)  An unusually large district

                                b)  A district, which extends into several states or countries

                                c)  Made up of two or more sub-districts

     10.  Funds raised from the general public at a fund-raising activity can be used to fund a club  member to the                                international convention.         

                                a)  True

                                b)  False



1b  2c  3c  4a  5b  6a  7a  8b  9c  10b 

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